Refund & Cancellation Policy ----   All Sales are Final.

​​No returns or exchanges. If you are not sure about the product you are ordering, please contact us for a demonstration. In the event, an item is damaged, or any manufacturing issues are discovered upon delivery, contact us for further instructions.  The product inside the bottle does not effect the integrity behind it.  It is a simple manufacturing defect such as the sprayer.  Sprayers can be detached at the neck of the bottle and replaced.  Another option is to transfer the contents into a working spray bottle.  Please contact us at [email protected] for customer service.  


Order Cancellation Policy ---- All orders are automatically processed on our secure merchant processor and sent for shipment as soon as they are placed.
 During this process we incur irreversible fees. Therefore, while we understand that orders might need to be changed sometimes, we are unable to do it free of charge after a certain point. We strictly adhere to the following cancellation policy:
If you cancel your order BEFORE it has been shipped, you will be assessed a 15% cancellation fee before credit is issued.
If you cancel your order AFTER it has been shipped, please follow our Return Policies & Procedures. The cancellation will have to be treated as a Return with all applicable fees.
Orders which are REFUSED AT DELIVERY will be assessed all of the applicable fees listed above - including restocking, cancellation and other applicable fees.