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2018 Testimonials

  1. I've been using them for the past 10 years. John, the owner, just goes above and beyond any pest control specialist that I've ever come across or could even imagine. He's smart, patient, and so committed to getting to the root of the problem. I would, without a doubt, highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in resolving their pest control issues with environmentally safe treatments. He is extremely knowledgeable and also very reasonably priced. It's rare to find a company like this in our area.
    07/30/2018 – Cheryl Badner
  2. Fantastic. Green Man was contracted by Monroe County Habitat For Humanity to serve a client. They were very responsive and professional and got the job done plus also removed 2 skunks for an additional $15. Client is pleased and so is Habitat with the service. Les Weinman Home Preservation Manager
    07/29/2018 – Lester Weinman
  3. Bought a home and needed regular treatment, Excellent! Cathy and her husband were caring and knowledgeable and great service! This family business truly cares about the customer.
    07/28/2018 – Pasquale Buono
  4. John and Chris did an excellent job taking care of a serious ant problem in my home. They were prompt, thorough and knowledgeable. There were ants everyone on my deck and inside my home and once Green Man addressed the problem the ants were gone. John used his extensive knowledge to assess the situation and create an effective approach to solving the ant issue. This a is great company to deal with - very responsive and reasonable priced with excellent follow up.
    07/24/2018 – M Schaab
  5. Everything went swimmingly. Techs showed up on time. Cathy in the office returns calls promptly. They did an excellent job. I wish they offered a contract where I could get service done doe a year. Maybe in the future. If you have any pest concerns, these guys are my 1 and only call.
    07/23/2018 – Dave Struck
  6. These people are so knowledgeable, friendly and professional. We are so pleased with their help and giving us peace of mind!
    7/23/18 - Arnie Fritz
  7. The Green Man Exterminator was great! I was able to reach them on the phone easily, after finding them on Angie's List. We set up an appointment a few days away, and they called back to confirm. They told me that they could do an assessment totally for free. I was a little doubtful, but Haley showed up and looked around, explained what she was looking for, and told me that I didn't have anything to worry about. No upsell or anything, which I was ....
    07/23/2018 – Daniel Racic
  8. We original received a quote for pest extermination from one of the larger companies. Our main concer was field mice and ants. During their site review they explained they would spray poison around the house and set traps throughout. When asked, they stated they didn’t do anything to keep the mice from getting into the house, but their poison would kill the mice if they got in and ate it. Needless to say, I wasn’t overly impressed with that company. When Greenman came out, the employee took his shoes off before entering the house. I was sold at that moment. He rodent proofed the house to prevent the field mice from getting into the house and set up a non posionous trap just in case one did. They sprayed the house with green, non hazardous chemicals, many containing essential oils, for the other pests. We signed a service contract and on our second year. The company is a pleasure to deal with and everyone is super friendly. Could not be happier with this company and I will continue to recommend them to others.
    07/20/2018 – R Naprava
  9. The professionals at Greenman are friendly, responsive and reasonably priced.
    07/20/2018 – Inez Gonzalez
  10. the tech John was outstanding and so was cathy
    06/03/2018 – Chad Smiley
  11. ... impressed by. If I DO come up with a real infestation, I will certainly reach out to them again. I wanted an assessment about whether wood ants were infesting my newly purchased home. At our home inspection, we saw some signs, but didn't know how old the frass was.
    Daniel Racic ..... continued
  12. It went very well. There was a snake in my house. They came out and figured out how to remove it and also removed a wasp nest that was behind my siding. He made sure everything he did was friendly for my cats. He even left some environmentally friendly stuff for me in case the wasps came back.
    04/05/2018 – Judith Albert
  13. The service went great! The original problem was mice in the walls. Which they handled first. It took several visits but they got them under control. Then I discovered that there was a squirrel in the eaves. They came out and took care of the squirrels as well. I now have a quarterly service contract and no more problems with small animals visiting my home!
    08/13/2018 – Brian Dunn