2015 Customer Reviews

  • "They treated for carpenter ants. Not very impressed with the stuff they use."
Gabriel Antonesei,  December 25, 2015  
RESPONSE: Hello Gabriel, That was our employee, he is no longer with our company. I agree with you, he was 'B' for blah. Most companies manage Carpenter Ants with chemicals and have to return several times. Our records show that my employee nailed them in one shot using non toxic protocols. Green Man Exterminator has several products in his arsenal. If your ant problem ever comes back, let us know. We would love the opportunity to give you 'A' service.                        -Cathy
  • "Took care of wasp nest great."  
Carol Griffin-Bono,  December 25, 2015  
  • They went up in my attic and checked for rodents and put wire and sealed with foam spray all the openings and sprayed mint spray. They (John) went around the outside of house and did the same and also went in my crawl space. He also came back again to check to make sure all went well and nothing was able to get in house again. Other co wanted just to put traps with poison and come back to check in two weeks which I did not agree with because by not sealing openings problem would not be solved.
 Diane S.,  December 24, 2015  
  • "Great job. Took care of a woodpecker and ant problem naturally. Very satisfied, will use again." 
Robert Walsh,  November 27, 2015  
  • "Eco-friendly Inspection and treatment for insects & pests. This was my first time using their service. I was looking for an eco-friendly solution and found them here on Angies's List. Their customer service contact to set appointment was thorough and courteous. John Smith's protege Jon performed the work. He was prompt, thorough, courteous and willing to answer my questions along the way during his inspection and treatment of our home. He baited for insects and pests, identified & sealed exposed access points, offered solid education points about care, maintenance and protection of our home. I am happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a smart, thorough team to address pests without detrimental pesticides." 
Diana Scott,  November 24, 2015  
  •  "John is very thorough and has good advice. He is very pleasant when he comes. It was just hard setting up the appointment." 
Pamela Escuza,  November 03, 2015  
  •  "Overall A, Price A, Quality A, Responsiveness A, Punctuality A, Professionalism A." 
Thomas Foley,  September 28, 2015  
  •  "There was a ground hog that made tunnels under my septic mound. John took care of it, came back a few days later to ensure it was gone and did not charge us until he was sure the job was done. Very professional. Very prompt. Very fair price for the job that was done. Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes"
 Melinda Vasilko,  August 21, 2015  
  •  "John was very kind while doing the work. He showed up early, was efficient, and explained everything nicely. He even left some extra spray for me to use in the future. Since he took less time than originally expected, the final price was actually well below the estimate. (That was awesome.) I would use Green Man again. I suggest calling directly to schedule an appointment. I first tried to contact them a while ago through their website and then over email, but neither received a response. However, once I called directly everything ran smoothly." 
Michael Azar,  August 17, 2015  
  •  "This is the best pest control service I've ever used. They try to be green without all the unnecessary chemicals. What's even better is they actually treat the problem, not just spray it and forget it. I'm a customer with them for life." 
Gary Wack,  August 12, 2015  
  •  "I called them for removing a big beehive in my back yard shed. John came the same day as I request. John removed it and also found another type of bee nest in my garden and get rid of them as well. And he found another bigger beehive underneath the roof! He removed that one also. Very very happy about their service! John is a great green man."
 Y.R.,  August 4, 2015  
  •  "At home and at the office we have been very pleased with John the Greenman services. First he helped us save more that 50% over another service to rid our house of flying squirrels. After that we just signed up for a service contract to help with ants, carpenter bees, spiders, hornet nests and all those things that just bug you. It's good to know it can all be done with nontoxic products and eco friendly methods. Very reasonable pricing as well. -Eco friendly Dentist" 
Randy Nolf,  July 31, 2015  
  •  "We just moved into a new house and we were having some work done when the contractor found a carpenter ant nest in the Garage wall. I called John at Green Man and he came out to the hose the same day treated the area while it was exposed. Didn't even want payment that day. We scheduled an appointment for him to come back and do a full treatment for all insects and mice. He came back on the day we had scheduled and rodent proofed the house and found 15 wasp nests in the attic above the garage. he took care of everything. Great service at a great price. and that price includes two more follow up treatments."
Michael Deacon,  June 24, 2015  
  •  "Had carpenter ants. They came out very quickly and took care of the problem. Very satisfied."
 Mike C,  June 12, 2015  
  •  "It turned out NOT to be a termite problem (good) but there were many other issues, including ants and some structure damage from water and mold. These people were honest and took time to inspect everything necessary inside and outside the house and in the crawl space. They did the initial pest control immediately and will come back to work on the structure and to follow up with the efficacy of the ant bait. As they were leaving I said I would give them referrals."
Joan S.,  June 8, 2015  
  •  "Annual pesticide contract |Treated home and sealed entrances of pests. Overall: A, Price: A, Quality: A, Responsiveness: A, Punctuality: A, Professionalism: A."
 Joseph Picard,  June 04, 2015  
  •  "John was very thorough and knowledgeable in helping us take care of a chipmunk problem in our house. He was able to trap and relocate them as well as close up their entrance area in the house. Will definitely call him if we have any future problems."
 Nanette Kubian,  May 28, 2015  
  •  "Treated property for ants, mice and worms. Also sprayed to kill mushrooms and fungus plants. Installed glue boards in garage to kill spiders and other crawling insects. Mission accomplished! Green Man Exterminator is the best value for your money. John kills the bugs with environmentally friendly materials that do not pollute the ground water."
 Leo Kelly,  May 14, 2015  
  • "I was very happy with them...from the first phone call to Kathy (very sweet) to the technicians visits. All were very knowledgeable. John was able to get rid of our annoying stink bugs by spraying the cracks in our windows from the inside. I am looking forward to him coming back to make our exterior a safer place for our two Goldens. He will spray for the wasps and treat the yard for fleas and ticks....and I will never have to worry about the use of any chemicals that can be harmful. It is nice to know that when you need help, Green Man Exterminator is there." 
Doreen Clarkson,  April 23, 2015  
  •  "They did an excellent and professional job. They sprayed and sterilized the eve and attic. Rodent proofed the house for mice, bats and squirrels."
Cynthia Santiago,  April 06, 2015  
  •  "Searched entire property for field mice and wasps. Sealed off any possible entryways. Set traps. Used green method of spraying. Friday afternoon, I had discovered that there was a rodent of some type in my garage. I flipped out and ran to search for an exterminator. First name on Angie's List was Green Man Exterminator. There were 40 wonderful reviews so I called. I had to leave a message but the call was returned minutes later. I explained the potential problem and that I was very worried. Kathy was very easy to talk with, and she understood my phobia concerning rodents. She said she would try to get me an appointment for the following day which she ultimately did. John came on time and was one of the nicest people I'd ever met. He knew his business, took care of the job, stayed on the property for at least two hours, sealed entryways, closed gaps, sprayed, set traps, and used a wonderful spray that is safe enough to drink. All in all, I was immensely impressed."
Felice Giglio,  April 18, 2015  
  •  "John was very knowledgeable and explained to me the issues and his plan for removal and control. He was very thorough. Completed a successful rodent removal for my home.I give them 5 Stars!"
Sheila W.,  March 20, 2015  
  •  "Uopn hearing "chewing" in the kitchen ceiling,we assumed we had carpenter ants...we also had a Yellow Jacket Hornet nest near the ame place.John came and treated for both including termites,mice and carpenterr bees.on the second visit he re-baited for all insects and critters and sealed up any critter entrances with spray foam !He even went around the outside of our home lifting rocks finding and treating other carpenter ant,small ants,termite and Yellow Jacket nest he found lurking in the rock walls ! We were amazed on his thoroughness,knowledge,kindness and honesty. John came three times with a fourth if needed which it wasn't.He uses all natural products,the smell of the clove and peppermint was refreshing,he cleans up after himself and removes the nests that he took care of.And yes...John does take off his shoes before entering your house...I told him he didn't have to but he insisted.Hopefully I won't need his services for awhile but if I do I would call him in a heartbeat !!!"
Peggy Augello,  January 28, 2015  
  •  "I HAD flying squirrels in my attic. He was able to eliminate the problem, and seal every possible entrance in the attic. He returned several times to ensure the problem had not returned. He was polite, responsive and did a great job!" 
Renee Petrucelli,  January 28, 2015  
  •  "Hire Again: Yes Approximate Cost: $125.00 Description Of Work: Inspected home for infestations. Treated trees for insects. Member Comments: Great! Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes"
 Melanie Deuerlein,  January 12, 2015