2014 Customer Reviews

 "He treats for insect prevention. He visits four or five times. Green Man is wonderful. It's something that you need. He's always done a fantastic job. He's wonderful to deal with. They've been our provider for three years. Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes"
Duncan Perry,  December 20, 2014  
"Hire Again: Yes, Excellent service! 100% satisfied!"
Fred Lew,  December 13, 2014  
"This company is always prompt and courteous when coming to my home. They also seem very knowledgeable in their field as well. I will continue to use this company when I need them. Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes"
Eileen Patten,  December 10, 2014  
"He provided an all natural solution to make sure that we do not have another re-infestation of termites and or other critters in and around our home. Member Comments: It went very well and didn't take too long. The smell of the organic materials that he used was pleasant with no unpleasant odors. He checked everything and everywhere carefully to make sure that all termite activity was gone and non-existent. He was very friendly and courteous to us at all times. He even went out of his way to spray a beautiful hemlock tree that was just beginning to be infected with a devastating parasite. Overall we were very pleased and will certainly have him at our home again and will absolutely recommend him to family and friends."
Philip Uhl,  November 10, 2014  
"We use Green Man Exterminator. We have them come three times a year. We love them. They did a great job. It is all natural. The cats and dogs are all safe with it. We don't have any problems. He takes care of everything. If there's anything in between, he comes back. He's very nice to deal with and does excellent work. He's very clean and very near. It's a good price for all he does. He is all A's. We would definitely use them in the future. Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes"
Carol Knight,  October 15, 2014  
"Interior and Exterior pest extermination. Great experience and interaction. Highly recommend. Very knowledgeable and friendly."
Heath Thomas,  October 08, 2014  
"Sprayed for ants and artillery fungus. Eradicated the problems."
Leo Kelly,  October 08, 2014  
"We had green man initially come to address a pest issue which they did in an excellent manner. we were so impressed by the quality, price, punctuality and service we entered into an annual contract. we continue to be completely pleased by their service."
Deborah Freeborn,  October 08, 2014  
"I had invasion of army Ants in my house and he found were they was coming from and why, then he repair the area where they was coming in, and exterminated the ants. A Job well DONE! NO MORE ANTS."
LOVELL RODGERS,  October 08, 2014  
"Fantastic job. John comes several times a year and is thorough, smart, detailed, congenial, and goes the extra mile. And he does not use chemicals. What he does is use all green products safe for pets and kids."
Betty & Duncan Perry,  October 08, 2014  
"He sat out traps 3 days for raccoons that have been eating our fish. Only caught one raccoon, 2 cats. No charge for the cats. He was also here in the spring and caught 4 raccoons and gave us a break on the cost."
LYNNE BILSKI  October 07, 2014  
"Check for damage after a raccoon invasion of attic. They checked if the racoon was still there. They checked for possible entry points. They sealed five holes, patched the siding damage, and moved the gifts left by the raccoons. Insulation was replaced and the attic was disinfected. The company could not have been nicer or more competent. After I called they promptly came to my house and quick accessed damages. Full repairs were made within a few days. Prior to calling them I had engaged a local (national chain) exterminator to trap a racoon that had cut a hole in the roof and then set up housekeeping in the attic. The chain failed to trap the raccoon with ultimately ate through the siding to escape. That exterminator charged higher weekend rates for placing and monitoring one haveaheart trap. The cost for repairs to the house would have been much greater."
Richard Barnett,  September 29, 2014  
"I had raccoons eating my fish in my pond. They came and put traps. They caught some raccoons earlier in the year. They caught one raccoon and it was pretty nasty and two skunks. They were excellent. They set them free in the forest."
LYNNE BILSKI,  September 24, 2014  
"After trying to deal with squirrel infestation in our attic for years, we are very happy with the work done by Green Man. Critters were caught and released elsewhere, the attic was sealed and non-toxic materials were used to discourage others."
Mary Ann Matras,  September 24, 2014  
"Carpenter ants, bats, spider, mold on house and shed, mouse in shed and house, ants and moles in the ground. John was on time, thorough, polite, neat, knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and answered all questions."
George Shultz,  September 16, 2014  
"John treated spiders & silverfish both inside and outside our country home. He used safe green products: diatomaceous earth powder and herbal oil spray in our crawl space and attic and all living areas. And under deck and porch, under eaves, & anywhere else where we saw spiders or silverfish. When we saw a few more spiders inside and out. John returned about a month later and gave the whole place another full treatment at no additional charge. He is knowledgable, conscientious and a good guy. His wife Cathy is very pleasant to deal with in scheduling and so forth. We are every pleased with John's expertise and conscientiousness. I think I've already said as much as I can. We would definitely use them again in the future, and we have already recommended Green Man Exterminator to neighbors and friends."
Sunny Hochberg,  September 15, 2014  
"Eliminated invasion of moles. We were extremely pleased with Green Man Exterminator. Not only was the mole eradication successful (had at least 20 of them on our property), but the courteous and professional service far exceeded our expectations! We would definitely use Green Man Exterminator again and highly recommend them (and have)."
Anne Baas,  September 13, 2014  
"Excellent. Natural Pest Control. John goes above and beyond. He educates while doing his job. When possible he relocates the pests instead of 'exterminating'. Uses people friendly products that I'm comfortable having him use around my kids. Would highly recommend. I have a service contract b/c this is the kind small business that earns my support."
Michael Marcus,  July 24, 2014  
"These folks are most professional in their dealings with customers. John is most knowledgeable, hard-working, and thorough; he definitely takes pride in his work. Kathy is always pleasant to deal with on the phone and keeps the customer informed. I highly recommend Green Man Exterminator."
Thomas Smialek,  July 03, 2014  
"Treated the area for wasps, hornets. Punctual and professional, very passionate about the business model and onto an excellent thing, offering effective non-toxic options, an essential for folks with pets and families. The job went very well. Would recommend the green man."
M Ali,  June 02, 2014  
"Provider performed review of property and surrounding for pest control and then discussed the assessment and options, including the safety of the products and benefits. Additional services provided by recommending and providing assistance on how the products can be used for more than just pest control. The services and welcoming words to the community were great and we appreciate the assistance on the safe products and ease of use because we have many pets and want to ensure that proper care on pest control is taken. We feel very safe and assured that are pest control is better than we even expected."
Angela Turner,  May 24, 2014  
"John was wonderful, informed, very "green" and knowledgeable. He contacted me after treating my property to make sure that I was happy and had no new questions. He knows a great deal about holistic medicine and gave me some great suggestions on holistic medicine. I recommend John without reservation. John arrived an hour late due to traffic. John's office was nice enough to call me prior to the scheduled appointment time to advise me that he was running an hour late. I was not inconvenienced at all. I appreciated the phone call."
Tracey Hubbard,  May 10, 2014  
"John treated for spiders, mice and ants. He has previously rid the attic of squirrels, demolished a bee hive and sprayed around the house where ever the bees might make a nest. John applied an eco-friendly solution to our ceilings and around the perimiter of the house. This is very important as my wife has COPD and chemicals are very bad for her health. He walked around the house and sealed any openings where mice could enter the basement. Squirrels were having football practice in the attic. In a few visits, John got rid of the squirrels, encased the attic fan (point of entry) in mesh and replaced the insulation in the attic that was damaged. He also added to the insulation in the attic to reduce heat loss. My wife and I are very pleased with the work he has done, the extra mile he will go to provide service and the excellent customer service he provides."
MARION GOLDSMITH,  April 25, 2014  
"Treated an apt for a bed bug problem. Did two treatments and tenant says problem is gone."
Ron Leeds,  April 21, 2014  
"John came to help us get rid of carpenter ants. They were everywhere. Within 2 weeks they were 97% of gone using no chemicals. John was amazing and I was skeptical- every time I asked him what was in a dispenser he popped some of the stuff in his mouth. Now I'm a believer. Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes"
Ernest & Mary Henzi,  April 17, 2014  
"John was on time and reasonably priced, cordial and did his job to perfection providing a much needed service without toxic consequences."
Linda Lee Rish,  April 11, 2014  
"My house was overrun by cockroaches. I had my stepdaughter, low life boyfriend, & 5 grandchildren staying there for 7 months. They trashed my house & left garbage in all rooms they used. Green Man totally eradicated the problem within 3 months. Excellent service, I noticed difference after 1st visit. He gave me an education on the pests and we became friends. His service was excellent, reasonable, and environmentally safe. Was totally satisfied."
Joseph Ciannella,  April 09, 2014  
"I hired him for Skunk removal. Skunks were living under my front porch. Once removed a cover fencing along porch was added. He was excellent. Exterminator set traps immediately catching 4 skunks in total. Came almost every night to check traps any day of the week. Was well informed of the process of why and how we would attract them them into the traps. He is very knowledgeable & efficient. Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes"
Yvette Ortiz,  April 05, 2014  
"Used animal & human safe rodent cubes, blocked up all rodent entrances outside and in. Sprayed with natural chemicals for fleas created by mice. Mouse infestation was so bad we were going to move in 3 weeks, but he got them all. 1 year later still no mice. Absolutely love this man. Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes"
michelle mcintyre,  April 05, 2014  
"We had an infestation of fleas. John called back right away and we got our treatment done in 2 days from phone call. He even came back a 2nd time and retreated the house at a minimal cost. They were very courteous. Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes"
Helen Hess,  April 03, 2014  
"Sprayed and powdered for bed bugs. All areas, drawers, furniture, rugs, etc. John was very professional, thorough, considerate, prompt, and helped ease my highly charged personality when bedbugs were discovered. Almost 1 year free of these pests!"
Constance Richards,  March 27, 2014  
"Performed extermination in private house all non toxic safe for animals & pets. Very polite & friendly. Green Man Exterminator came to my home, was very nice and hardworking. Will get rid of bugs without harming the environment or any living animals."
Maureen Stuart,  March 25, 2014  
"This Green Exterminator eliminated a bad mouse infestation in my basement. Green Man Exterminator is simply the BEST!!! John is incredibly knowledgeable about all types of pest extermination & uses only non-toxic products. The mouse infestation in my basement was so bad that they were nesting in my insulation. John spent a lot of time explaining the products he used & there effect on pests & the environment. The job was a nasty one. Pulling the infected areas of insulation down revealed lots of dead mice & piles of mouse poop. A very toxic environment. John took care of everything & his clean up was impeccable. Next John set out to find exactly where the mice were getting in. After a though search John found the various entry ways the mice had been using & closed them up tight. I love the fact that he uses only natural non-toxic products that work better than any pesticide. Plus he stands behind his work 100%. If you have any problems he takes care of them. A BIG THUMBS UP!"
Scott Mitchell,  March 14, 2014  
"Treated the home for wood destroying insects two different occasions to assure the issue was resolved. Excellent service, very kind and informative! Thank you! John called prior to arriving to assure I was home for him to treat the outside and inside of the home. He explained to me everything that he was using and why he uses it. Very informative and intelligent. John knows his stuff! I already used him to capture a few pests at my home too (he does pest control as well). I've already referred him to two different clients who are also happy with his work. Do not hesitate to work with Green Man Exterminator!"
Timothy Audett,  March 12, 2014  
"We called John, through an ad in the paper, to deal with a cave cricket problem. It turns out we had quite an infestation in our crawl space. He was very knowledgeable about the specific insect and the right natural ingredients to treat the problem. He sprayed all around the house where we had seen them and a heavy treatment in the crawl space. The products he uses are completely natural and harmless to humans and pets. They even smell good. It was a sucess! He said we shouldn't see any more bugs and, if we did, to call him. We did see a couple more and he came right back and retreated for no cost! It was so effective that we contracted with John for quarterly treatments of the crawl space and some areas in the house for a year. We have not seen another cave cricket ! We plan to have John come back once a year for maintenance. He provides wonderful service and is constantly expanding his knowledge base. Everyone should be using his services!"
Deborah Freeborn,  February 27, 2014  
"Are you tired of hearing that only TOXIC CHEMICALS will get rid of bugs, rodents and other pests? Well, Green Man Exterminator is the guy for you! We have been using him for over a year now. He uses only ORGANIC materials (pet, people and environment friendly)! Not only are we saving money, but, we have not had any pest problems! Our old exterminator would not take care of outside issues. Green Man does! We were over-run with chipmunks... he managed to move them away from our home without causing a major impact on the population. He also found all the places where mice were coming into our home and took care of it! Amazing guy! Amazing service! You have to give Green Man Exterminator a try!"
Laruski, M0,  February 10, 2014  
"Got rid of the fleas in our RV and house. The Green Man is an exterminator and he did his job very well. His methods and material are very ecologically sound and we and our dog weren't affected by his fumigation. Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes"
Bob Mallery,  January 21, 2014  
"Green Man Exterminator is amazing. All natural products and backs his work up. No more mice in my greenhouse. Very reasonable also. I thought I was going to have to turn my Greenhouse into a mouse house. LOL"
Erna Lake,  January 04, 2014  
"John is the best exterminator ! We hade a carpenter ant problem as well as a mice problem. He completely removed all pests and they haven't come back since (it's been close to 6 months now). His products are incredibly safe and he is great at explaining what he does step by step. He's friendly and knowlegable ! Hands down the best exterminator in town!!!"
Stella Rabinovich Kleynberg,  January 03, 2014  
"This exterminator just doesn't give up... We have/had an ant problem and he declared war on the little buggers. He came any time we called him and he worked his butt off getting rid of them. He's friendly, informative and professional. Oh yeah, his name is John. -The Allman Family"
Satisfied Is An Understatement !!!,  January 01, 2014