2011 Guestbook Entries

Time:9:24:30 PM (CST)
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Comments: Thank you so much! Greenman Exterminator rid my house of fleas. ~~~Cats are happy again. Would recommend!!
~Tiffany H.

Time:3:37:27 PM (CST)
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Comments: Green Man Extermination is the real deal! He got rid of bed bugs in one shot! I've read that these pests require multiple treatments but Green Man Extermination got rid of them in one try. I really felt like he cared and wasn't there just to do his job. He even came out on a holiday weekend when the competitors wouldn't. Great job Green Man!!


Time:2:08:36 PM (CST)
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Comments: Thanks for the free inspection. I'm glad I don't have termites. My neighbors can now breathe easy.

Date: 8/15/2011

Time: 7:22:00 PM (CST) 
E-mail:  Maria C. 
Location:  Pike County
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Comments: Green Man Exterminator had to come clean up a 'well known' commercial exterminator mess! I called them back and they were going to charge me another $300 for Carpenter Ants! So I called Green Man Exterminator and the owner came out, NOT a technician. He's very knowledgeable and less than half the price!!! He explains everything in detail and appears to love his job. I'm calling him back next year for my lawn! Highly recommended!!

Time:11:25:42 PM (CST) 
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Comments: Up late looking for bed bugs with a flashlight and they are gone!! Your SERIOUS steamer machine did the trick. Now I can rent out my upstairs Apt. with confidence. Thanks John!! You should charge more for your services. 



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Comments: I have not seen any more Ants and thanks for cutting down the dead branch for me. You were right, my husbands foot pain is almost gone, first time in 5 years he can put his shoe on without complaining!! The organic DE powder that you graciously gave to us is like a miracle. Our only regret is not finding you sooner.

-God Bless
Chuck and Cheryl
East Stroudsburg


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Location: Mt. Pocono
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Comments: John was excellent and the termite treatment was several hundred dollars less than the big company. He was very thorough and found every hole in my house. He even helped me clean out my shed before spraying. Used Baro-care eco treatment.
-Charles Avanti

Time:8:04:52 PM (CST)
Name:Patricia & Tom Janke
E-mail: [email protected]
Location: Lake Harmony, PA
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Comments: We've always had fleas in our kennel and controlled them with bug bombs & flea dips. This spring with the heat & humidity it quickly became an infestation. I laughed when John said the fleas will soon be gone. He sprinkled a white powder all over the floor and told us that it was non toxic. He even ate some.

I'd never thought I'd be saying this, It's been almost 4 wks and we don't have any fleas. We are very happy with this bug service. Thanks so much!